A Long Way From Home | Family Lifestyle Session

In November 2020 I had the adorable pleasure of working and meeting this family who for the Grandparents were such a long way from home….

Little Jeshurun was about to turn 1 and as the year 2020 would have it his Grandparents who came over to see him as a newborn at the start of the year were still here from India as a result of the world wide lockdown and covid travel rules. Jeshurun’s Mum and Dad who are both front line nurses working at Mildura Base Hospital seized the opportunity to celebrate the first Birthday of their little boy as a gift from Gifty’s sister Grace, who is also a nurse in London.  Messages were sent, between my website and and gift certificate tab,  it was to be organised for this gorgeous little family to record not only a Birthday but the coming together as a family in one of the most craziest years in our History.

Thank you for sharing your family with me and to be able to see the love and care of these beautiful Grandparents as they embraced their family in Australia with only weeks before they themselves were able to go back to India after such a long time away from home…… It is now January 2021 and because of the continued international travel restrictions these adorable Grandparents are still with their baby Grandson helping out at home while mum and dad continue nursing, with no indication of when they will be able to take the journey home.

To all the families who have had their lives rearranged by the year 2020 I wish you all the peace that hopefully 2021 will bring and again I am in awe of the power of the recorded moment ….

Sometimes it is all we have to look back on and remember the time that was …..