Find the Rainbow

Find the Rainbow…

Baby Dyson was the first little one Born during Covid19 that I had to tell his brand new Mumma that newborn photo’s would have to be put off until it was safe to be able to photograph again. In my career spanning more than 30 years this was one of the hardest things I have ever done. To tell a new parent that I couldn’t record the memories of her newborn was shattering. Roanna took it like the champion Mumma that she is and on Mother’s Day 2020 this year she was the first person I called to say let’s do this, let’s capture your now 9 weeks new baby Dyson.

It was made even more special by the fact that this was a “In home lifestyle shoot” and that to me, it even felt like a holiday capturing this gorgeous little family even though they were just 7kms down the road! To watch the love and connection that had grown between this little family of 3 in lockdown was so so pure and  special. 

After capturing Dyson in his family home using some beautifully “made with love” blankets that Josh and his Grandma had made we travelled just across the road and into the winter sunshine to capture some stunning outside images that are some of my all time favourites.

Dyson’s was my first photoshoot back after being in lockdown and to see his little face and the love that has pulled all three members of this family together and through a pretty testing time as new parents has just filled my heart , there are always rainbows around , you just have to look for them….


So loved this In home Newborn Session – Think in home might be my new Fav for 2020 …