Gal Baby | Maternity

Ok, so don’t freak out… I’m already doing that lol. This stunning little mumma I held as a baby and feel in love with her instantly. She taught me the love of generations without even being related. That connection you can have to a child that will last a lifetime. After Alana was born all the couples in our group wanted babies. To this day I call her my baby Girl and I thank my gorgeous friend Deb for letting me call her that without thinking I was going to steal her first born child !!!!So to capture her now just days away from becoming a Mother herself wrapped in the protective arms of the man she will build her life with leaves me with no words just a full heart. I hope you enjoy these images and that they radiate with the love that they share ….

Gal | Alana and bog ( fondly known as Baby Of Gal ) xxxx