The wait is over

Every chapter has its end … but then ….. every end has its new beginnings
Nothing prepares you for parenthood but for Brett and Dani the wait outweighs everything and has filled their hearts with new hope and love for their newborn son Nate .
I have known Dani through my work over the years and via a mutual friend whom we both adore. You know what it is like living in a small town, you see people then you don’t for ages. But when you do run into each other there are hugs exchanged and a quick catch up. This is me and Dani.

So, when out of the blue Dani called me to ask if I could photograph her precious baby boy there was no way it wasn’t going to happen!!
Brett and Dani have been trying for a baby for many years and even knocked back a trip to Vietnam with friends to keep trying but after another bump in their life’s journey, they decided to book the plane tickets with their friends to Vietnam and just go. Whilst away the most magical thing happened and this so deserving couple came home with the joy of a new life on the way. Baby Nate was born on the 8th of September 2019 weighing 3480 grams with big blue eyes. I was so excited to meet this little one and when I first met Nate at his newborn session I just knew he was a gift, not only to his parents but to everyone who meets this gorgeous little man.
His smile lights up a room and his giggles are contagious. He is the product of a love determined and strong, giving his adoring parents the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Welcome to the world baby Nate you make all of us open our hearts and embrace the joy that is life. Lxxx

Thank you so much Lisa for your amazing photos of our little family! You have such a tender and creative way with your photo session that put all of us at ease. Not fans of the spotlight but wanting to create lasting precious memories with our Nate you brought laughter and love into the session. Our little man connected with you straight away! We will treasure our pictures and look forward to creating more memories with you as our family continues its journey.

Our biggest thanks for your love and light xxxxoooo